Coda: the Book

What and Why

Coda (the Book)

After nearly 1,700 years this biblical ‘Coda’ begins with, “Thus sayest the Lord God Most High.” Within, you will find not only heretofore unknown ancient knowledge but techniques enabling personal healing and infinite self-empowerment. Encapsulating much, this title or word means “An overview from a different perspective.” Given that Coda offers sacred teachings in conflict with most of mankind’s unquestioned dogma, its truths are turning religions of the world upside down.

As such, it would be wrong to assume this a Christian-only document, but rather one for all faiths. Consider: Irrespective of a person’s skin color, ethnicity, or religion, we are all humans.  There is but one Creator regardless of branded name, who set forth a singular set of divine guidelines without regard to religious affiliation, country, or tribe. Just as a car does not change operating procedures for a Muslim, Jew, Christian, or Buddhist drivers, Coda’s instructions are applicable to all. In contrast are the countless beliefs of religions, most in conflict with those of other groups and yet each considering itself the most holy and righteous. 

While numerous literary works already point out the Christian Bible’s over 300 contradictions, meaning at least 150 provable lies plus another 700 inconsistences, Coda was prophesied to give information never revealed. Here we are given a detailed roadmap on how to quickly attain the highest spiritual growth, while also addressing fundamental questions about ourselves and giving a bridge of healing between you and those on the other side who blindly have little understanding and tolerance.

In addition, Coda offers the rediscovery of the technique that Illumined Masters use to demonstrate miracles which Jesus prophesied in John 14:12: “Verily, verily I say unto thee, these things I do and greater shalt ye do also” —all, that is, who apply the Absolute’s methodology as taught in detail.

But why given at this time? Those living in cloud-filled bubbles look away, ignoring science’s validation that the Earth has entered its “Sixth Mass Planetary Extinction,” rapidly approaching an apocalyptic tipping point. Thus, in fulfillment of biblical promise and in contradiction to the doom and gloom of the ‘Bible’s Book of Revelation,’ Coda teaches the way to save oneself and loved ones, while bringing this planet back into its intended state of Eden—with far more exciting things then to come.

Here are just three of the many advancing apocalyptic calamities.

Sea level Rise
Asteroid Collision with the Earth.
Yellowstone Caldera (1 of 6 Active)
Extinction Graph

It is important to understand that the Christian Bible’s assembly, beginning in 325A.D., was not of God’s divine decree but the result of the Emperor Constantine needing a military whip to rule his empire. Despite his continual efforts to control his many kingdoms, skirmishes, battles, and wars were draining the treasury. Though mandating but one currency among many along with prevalent bartering, was also unfeasible. Therefore, as a master of manipulation, the emperor unified his empire under a single religion using the carrot-and-stick approach—if you obeyed you went to Heaven; otherwise expect to be thrown into the eternal fires of Hell. Versed only in mass mind control, military tactics, and economic policies, Constantine now needed a manual of salvific mandates. Gathering an amalgam of historical data, provable lies, and inconsistencies, he then found himself want of a Senior Vice President to run the Religion-Division. In doing so, he put the Bible under a regimented chain of command going all the way up and passed on to each subsequent Roman Catholic Pope. But to herd everyone in that sole direction, the Emperor and the Nicaean Council shrewdly had to omit at least 44 other holy gospels—many stating that instead of going through a pipeline of intermediaries, one should take the path leading directly to God.

Ironically, while pompously hiding behind the banner of Christianity, portraying it as the one true religion, history shows that Constantine himself remained a pagan until converting right before his last gasping breath. Always the military strategist, this was the emperor’s wager against the unknown prior to surrendering to the undefeatable enemy, Death!

This revelatory knowledge and scathing exposé, while documented by numerous biblical cross-references, still leaves many questioning: Is the Coda Gospel fact or fiction? Unlike The Book of Revelation, which offers no proof of validity, Coda presents seven. Six of them to be discussed over a weekly website Q & A starting in August. For today, consider the following powerful proof: These three photos all radiate light, but two are unlike those seen from early paintings of Jesus and His apostles. The first photo conveys horrific colors drawn from Truman Capote’s macabre book, In Cold Blood. They extend a mere 17 inches. Charles Dickens’ being vastly different, shows a picture with hues far lighter, but still going out only 20 inches. Finally, observe a woman holding Coda for just sixty seconds. Unlike the first two photographed on a table, the person clutching Coda was so deeply affected that she became angelic in appearance as well as thought and action. Bear in mind that after holding any book for a mere three seconds, much of its light is absorbed into that person. Where photos of Coda are taken alone under controlled conditions, divine white light extends not inches but over 95 feet—tangible evidence of its holy messages, power, and truth. 

Aura photos:

Yet many are angry at these newly revealed facts, unable to accept that for nearly two millennia they have been lied to. Moreover, they deny that God still speaks through chosen messengers as stated in John 4:44: “A prophet has no honor in his own country and less in his own home.” Coda, as Revelation given to Saint John on Patmos, was dictated, and its visions revealed by the Lord God Most High to a contemporary mystic—an Initiate from a 3,500-year-old secret mystery school, among whose members were Moses, King Solomon, and later Jesus, His Mother Mary, Joseph, and others of high historical repute. Even so, for the past 1,700 years, most of the world’s hierarchies have withheld this information. The real reasons these falsehoods were perpetuated was to subjugate the heathen, forcing them to accept their conqueror’s beliefs while also losing their lands, precious metals, and jewels—all in the name and for the false glory of a god, albeit with different names depending upon the aggressor’s religion.

While Coda was not sent to destroy any specific systems of worship and belief, it does eliminate the falsehoods of those built upon the sands of lies and inconsistencies. Therefore, these truths serve only to cleanse and shore those old foundations with holy knowledge, resulting in unification upon which to build a solid spiritual base. Within Coda lie clear and powerful answers to questions left for millennia, ignored and unanswered by supposed authorities whom these revealed tenets threaten. 

Divine Truths Given In ‘Coda’ (A Partial List)
  • For 1,697 years, why has the Christian Hierarchy allowed over 150 provable lies and 700 inconsistencies to remain in the Bible, those giving false dogma?
  • Why is this new knowledge in ‘Coda’ being revealed at this time?
  • Unlike what has been falsely taught, exactly who or what is God?
  • In ‘Genesis 1:26-27’ God said, “Let us make Man in our image. Who are the “us?”
  • If Heaven and Hell are completely different than described in the Bible, what are they?     
  • On the seventh day did God need to rest.?
  • How did souls originate?
  • Unlike the Bible’s false version, what was the true origin of the Devil?
  • If God is ubiquitous, why is He there and we here?
  • Does ‘Coda’ give me the tools and methodology to destroy Evil?
  • Do you have to go through Jesus to get into Heaven, Enlightenment?
  • If reincarnation is provably not real but Heaven and Hell not what we have been falsely taught, what happens when we die?
  • Am I living in a dream, a hologram?
  • Why should I be thankful in all things, even if they are painful?
  • Why do I see evil people getting good, when I try so hard to walk a spiritual path and have so many difficulties?
  • What are the fastest steps to gain enlightenment?
  • Why did God put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden?
  • After eating its fruit, why did neither Adam nor Eve die, as the penalty stated in ‘Genesis?’
  • For what reason were over 44 sacred gospels purposefully excluded from the Bible?
  • If the Bible was not put together by God’s divine mandate, who assembled it and for what reason?
  • Am I immortal?
  • Do some people sign a contract, selling their souls to the Devil for fame and riches?
  • Can the average person, with training, shorten, lengthen, or reverse time?
  • What great sin did a two-week old infant commit to die in its crib, yet persons drinking three beers a day, smoking cigars and eating bacon often live to be 103?
  • Why was I born into my race, with these parents, having this religion, being rich or poor, possibly having a deformity, etc.?
  • Is it a sin to be LGBTQ?
  • Is abortion a sin?
  • What are the three masks most people wear?
  • If reincarnation does not exist, why occasionally when meeting someone does it seem I’ve known them a million years?  The same being with my enemies.
  • Is it my destiny, as Jesus, to become an Illumined Master?
  • Am I a god, or did the Lord God Most High as well as Jesus, lie?
  • If Illumined Masters such as Jesus, when creating miracles, use neither the Lord’s Prayer or conjuring-attraction, what are the steps needed to accomplish those feats?
  • Can I, as promised by Jesus, do the same miracles and “greater,” or did He lie?
  • Biblical proof that Jesus wasn’t the only Christ, but you are too.
  • Physics states: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” Why is that false?
  • Why is “as above so below” also not true?
  • If not by the “Big Bang,” how or by whom was the Universe created?
  • If God is love, perfect and all powerful, why does the World have these problems?
  • Although in ‘Genesis 1:3’ God states, “Let there be light,” meaning He at that moment created it, why is this an easily provable lie?
  • Then who created darkness?
  • Did God create the planets?
  • Who made time and distance?           
  • If God is all-loving and powerful, why does He allow evil to continue?
  • Am I soon going to die in The Apocalypse?
  • Can the Apocalypse be avoided?
  • Was I born into sin?
  • Did I fall from a state of Grace?        
  • Why am I married to my spouse?
  • Who and what really am I?
  • Can a rich man or woman get into Heaven?
  • Why are some people poor?
  • Do extraterrestrials exist, if so, who are they?

Printed overseas, normally upon purchase you would have your deep rich, dark blue debossed hardcover with gold-foiled Coda within 8 to 9 weeks. Though keep in mind with all the unforeseen force majeure “acts of God” occurring in the world, shipping may take up to 90 days, possibly a little longer. Regardless, the Coda gospel will be in the mail to you within seventy-two hours of our receiving it from the printer. Considering that mankind has waited nearly 1,700 years for this empowerment, the joy and freedom Coda brings will be well worth that brief wait.

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