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Imagine receiving ancient arcane secrets, along with being offered the step-by-step method teaching what Avatars/Illumined Masters use when creating unbelievable miracles. Though first, you must pass a test, by the complete reading of ‘Coda’ to see if you are worthy of such a level of power and gain its full instruction. If successful, you will be given the technique to walk on water, create loaves and fish-type replications, teleport, raise the dead, and far more.

“Impossible,” you say? Not so; in a Theoretical Physics paper being submitted to the World’s top physics’ journal, Dane Alexander explains not only all these, but gives the solution to a scientific mystery which has remained unsolved by the World’s most famous physicists for over 123 years, proving its efficacy in a clinical journal documenting over 2,337 supernatural feats. The title of Mr. Alexander’s paper being: “Transcending Physics and Achieving Empirical Demonstrations Applying the Infinite Absolute Consciousness Theorem.”

Note: The word, “coda,” means, “an overview from a different direction.” Though many tack-on, “gospel,” an Old English word indicating, “good news.” However, ‘Coda’ is not a religious work, but one that brings a scientific, hands-on approach that can save you, loved ones, friends, and the World, from scientifically proven advancing destruction. But come prepared to drop your preset beliefs, as all previous training will be thrown out the window and replaced with ancient truths.

Besides ‘Coda,’ why is this journal necessary for scientists as well as both it and ‘Coda’ being brought to the World at this time? In answer: Here is a short-list of 238 scientific sources, such as the White House, the United Nations, NASA, etc. emphatically stating that Earth is well into a Grand Destruction Cycle named, “The Sixth Mass Planetary Extinction.”

Of these, many calculate that unless there quickly are major scientific advancements, within twenty years life on Earth will not be as you know it today; ending with, before the end of this century, only five percent of humankind will survive, as well as just 10% of all aquatic species, along with only 15% of this planet’s total vegetation. In countering this, ‘Coda’s’ technique gives you the method to safely transition this deadly epoch.

Next, you might ask, “How could this obscure person, Dane Alexander, come up with such unbelievable, “provable” concepts, and why was he alone chosen out of 8 billion people on the planet to be a messenger of this information?” Although Dane was not born by an immaculate conception, his entrance into this life will be soon proven a close second. Later, he was inducted in and trained by an ancient, secret, mystery school, who among its initiates included Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, while earlier, Moses, King Solomon, and so forth. Added to these are his many unbelievable Indiana Jones-type experiences, the validity of each now being submitted to, and must each be separately agreed upon by six different departments of the FBI’s current or recently retired employees. Moreover, and as if not enough, in 24 months, Mr. Alexander will be finishing for worldwide release of the first in six, “fact-based,” big-budget, mystical motion picture action/adventures; whose mysterious revelations will companion the ancient information in ‘Coda.’ Therefore, the short answer is: Dane, as with Mozart, William Shakespeare, Lao-tzu the Chinese mystic, and many others, received his information from Divine Source. To which, while he would like to take credit for such illumined revelations, as a cosmic messenger, he points to but only one source.

Concerning getting a free copy of his physics paper, while ‘Coda’ is copyrighted, Mr. Alexander’s formal treatise of this new physics information is “copyleft,” or free to all. For its release date, anticipated by September 1st or sooner, frequently revisit this website.
In the meantime, in 90 or so days, Dane will be hosting a FREE, weekly, half-hour Internet TV program; giving not only in-depth explanations of ‘Coda’s’ 15 chapters and verses, but anecdotal stories that will make those teachings levitate off its pages. For instance, he witnessed a party walking through a wall, or his intimate knowledge of the woman who went to bed weighing over 400 pounds and awoke being just 118, as well as a teacher of this technique who walked on water, or Dane’s close friend, also a professional practitioner, who raised the dead, plus stories of his personal teleportation, object replications, along with many more fascinating side-stories. You can receive this free TV series! Just register your name and address with Although, it is suggested you get at least the e-book to make notes in the margins and underline what touches you the most.